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tapout xtI learned about Tapout XT from while searching the Internet for extreme workouts. I was surprised at how many inspired extreme workouts were available to help me meet my fitness and weight loss goals. Whether you need an intense fitness program to lose weight or to help you get to that next fitness level, you will need to decide on a workout program that will give you the best possible results.

Tapout XT is unique as it offers martial arts style routines. My son is actually interested in this one; however, I need to do some comparisons to make sure this is the fitness program for me. This comparison review includes five of the top extreme workouts on the market today. Which one will you choose to transform your body?

Comparison Review

Concept Mixed Martial Arts MAX Interval Training High Intensity Interval Training Muscle Confusion Mixed Martial Arts
Features Tapout XT Insanity TurboFire P90X Rushfit
Forum Area Discuss Tapout Insanity Forums TurboFire Discuss P90X MMA / Rushfit Forum
Creator Mike Karpenko Shaun T Chalean Johnson Tony Horton Georges St-Pierre
Program Length 90 days 60 days 90 days 90 days 8 weeks
# of Workouts 12 10 14 12 7
Nutrition Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fitness Guide Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Equipment Resistance and training band None Thigh-firming and toning band Chin-up bar, resistance band Hand weights, dumbbells
Cost $119.85 (+s/h) $119.85 (+s/h) $119.70 (+s/h) $119.85 (+s/h) $89.97 (free s/h)
Money Back Guarantee 90 days 60 days 90 days 90 days 60 days

Tapout XT Basics

This intense 90-day workout program was created by fitness expert, Mike Karpenko. Mike combines mixed martial arts training with cardio conditioning exercises, strength training, explosive power exercises, and core exercises. This technique is called RIPP, which stands for Rapid Fire, Interval, Precision, and Power.

The only equipment you will need for this mixed martial arts program are the resistance bands and training band that are included in the package. There are 12 MMA workouts to this cardio conditioning program that range from 15 to 53 minutes, with an average of 45 minutes. Be ready to learn some fighting techniques!

The nutrition guide is 48 pages where you can customize your own meals. There are easy to prepare recipes designed to boost your metabolism and provide fuel for your muscles, which is necessary for any high intensity workout.

Also included in this fitness program is a jump start diet to help you lose ten pounds and ten inches in the first ten days of this mixed martial arts workout. You cannot follow this for an extended amount of time, as it can negatively impact your health. It is only intended for the first ten days.

I found this video that I wanted to also share on my site as it was very inspirational for me personally.

Tapout XT vs. Insanity

insanity workoutTapout XT and Insanity are both cardio conditioning workouts designed to get your heart pumping. They both target all of the essential fitness areas: cardio conditioning, explosive power exercises, strength training, and core conditioning.

The difference is in their approach. Tapout XT uses mixed martial arts exercises, while Insanity has you performing spurts of high intensity exercises followed by shorter rest periods, which is called Max-Interval Training.

Insanity does have an effective nutrition plan; however, it does not have a jump start program like Tapout XT. Insanity has you eating five meals per day that are loaded with approximately the same amount of calories. Tapout XT provides recipes to help you customize a meal plan that you will enjoy.

You will not have to have any additional exercise equipment with Insanity; however, the equipment you need for Tapout XT is included with the package, so there are no extra charges. I think people do like the fact that Insanity only runs for 60 days; however, it is highly possible you will have to repeat the process to actually achieve a total body transformation.

Tapout XT vs. TurboFire

You will be constantly moving in both of these cardio workouts. While Tapout XT does have intervals included in the program, it also contains explosive power exercises. TurboFire is a high speed, high intensity fitness program that is based on the concept of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which involves bursts of extreme exercising for up to a minute with short breaks. This allows your body to actually burn fat up to 48 hours after your workout, which is called the after burn effect.

The equipment for both systems looks similar, and both are included in the package. With TurboFire, you will be eating three meals and two snacks per day. Both have a quick- start plan. While Tapout XT has a ten day plan, TurboFire has the 5 Day Inferno Plan that claims you can lose up to ten pounds in five days.

Tapout XT vs. P90X

p90xThere is a distinct difference between Tapout XT and P90X. While Tapout XT will keep you moving through the entire workout, P90X is a slower paced complete body transformation program. This does not mean you will not be working extremely hard, because you will!

This total body transformation system is based on the concept of muscle confusion. Muscle confusion prevents your muscles from predicting what your next move will be. Doing the same movement for an extended period of time prevents your muscles from reaching their full potential. Changing up the movements keeps your body constantly wondering what is going to happen next, which forces them to work much harder.

The P90X diet program seems to be a more extensive plan divided into three phases: Fat Shredder, Energy Booster, and Endurance Maximizer. They are designed to sustain you through the different phases of the workout program. However, Tapout XT has 48 pages of guidelines and information that will likely include much of the same information.

Tapout XT vs. Rushfit

rushfitThese are very similar workout programs. They both use mixed martial arts style exercises to achieve maximum cardio conditioning, strength, endurance, core stability, power, flexibility, balance, and agility.

While Tapout XT is a 90 day workout, Rushfit is an 8-week full body training program. The nutrition plans seem to be similar focusing on healthy eating. Tapout XT has five more workouts than Rushfit and does provide quite a bit more in the package.

Both require equipment; however, the equipment needed for Tapout XT is included in the package. Rushfit requires you to purchase hand weights or dumbbells if you do not already have them, which can bring the cost up even more than Tapout XT.

Final Thoughts

All of these total body conditioning programs seem to produce excellent results. It can be frustrating trying to decide which one will best fit into your lifestyle. My suggestion is to start with reviewing the concepts for each of these extreme workouts.

Every single one of these complete body transformation programs has a proven technique that will deliver the best possible results. Once you decide on a concept, then you can narrow down which ones to compare.

I actually am going to go with a mixed martial arts workout program. After comparing Tapout XT with Rushfit, I decided to go with Tapout XT. I realize that it is a little more expensive. However, I do get more with the package. I think it will be fun to learn the fighting techniques with my son. Good luck on your fitness and weight loss goals!

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  1. Adam says:

    I did one round of Insanity first then bought Tapout XT. Insanity helped me a lot with building up a foundation to do the Tapout workouts. Some of Tapout’s exercises are pretty difficult and I probably wouldn’t be able to do them if I hadn’t done Insanity first. One thing about Insanity is that it focuses on proper form and safety while doing the exercise moves. Proper form and safety isn’t too much of a focus in Tapout which I believe could lead to injuries. I find that Tapout has a lot of pauses in it while Mike is trying to explain the next move whereas Insanity has continuous momentum. Tapout’s exercise lengths are shorter than Insanity’s but Tapout has a ton of unique exercises — exercise moves that you never knew existed. Tapout’s Leg day called Plyo XT I find is much more brutal than Insanity. But then again, Insanity seems to be having you do jumps in almost every workout. Both programs are excellent. Personally, I sweat more while doing Insanity. Your best bet is to go on Ebay — you can find a better deal with the prices.

  2. Adam says:

    One thing worth mentioning is that there is less jumping in Tapout XT compared to Insanity. If you have weak knees or weak ankles or some kind of past knee injury then Insanity might not be right for you since there is a lot of jumping in it. The Insanity program focuses more on legs and Tapout XT is kind of an Insanity style to it but uses resistence bands. I got both programs and if I feel I didn’t sweat enough after doing a Tapout workout then I will pop in an Insanity workout right afterward. With Insanity you know you will always sweat buckets.

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