They’re Not Looking for Trouble

Animals have no interest in engaging human beings at all. They want our scraps and our garbage but most wild animals have no interest in bothering with us. That being said, if they wander into our space, like an attic for example, they will move in if they do not encounter anyone. In this case, out-of-sight is very much out-of-mind for the furry among us! They can be a nuisance, and once they are in, it is hard to encourage them to leave. There are many, many safe ways to humanely remove animals. It just takes a little bit of ingenuity and patience.

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Late one Friday night I found myself arriving home around midnight. As I drove up to the house, the security lights came on. As my vehicle headlights moved over the large oak tree in my yard, it appeared that someone had taken a huge basket of raccoons and thrown them at the tree, which they stuck to like glue! It was an amazing sight, and I would later learn that oak was their expressway to my attic! They moved in while I was away during the week.

The raccoons did not scare me nearly as much as the process of interviewing specialists who were supposed to help me with raccoon removal. I was starting to think living with them was a better idea. I love animals and there was no way I was going to proceed with any inhumane plans. I also fully realized rabies is the main threat with these adorable intruders, so I had to do something.


Most of the time if a raccoon invades your home, it is an expectant mother and she is planning to have her babies there. This was the case for me. I waited for her to have her babies and for them to reach 8 weeks old. At that point I slowly started to cover up the hole with metal plates. The metal plates were backed by cinderblocks to for reinforcement. I also sprayed the area with water mixed with hot peppers as a deterrent.

I also went one step further. I took insulation from the attic, which now had their scent in it, and I put it in an empty shed on my property. My entire plan was raccoon relocation, and I donated my shed to this cause. I believe in coexistence and feel the need to share my land with animals. They did make their way to the shed and I successfully, and humanely, stopped them from entering my attic. I eventually found a service  that humanely takes care of your pest issue, wildlife removal Atlanta from Wildlife and Pest. They are just as passionate about the safety of the little critters as I was.